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Here is what our customers have to say for our products and services.

Neil Marsha, US resident won the auction for a finished "Apples" design on 20 July, 2000. She paid via credit card on 23 July, 2000. The design was dispatched on 24 July, 2000 and was received by her on 5 August. She remarks:-

"  I just received it this Saturday. I love it. I think I would have liked it even more if it had a cream background. None the less, I am very happy.
Thank you and I will leave positive feed back!."

xxxx  9TH. STREET

Alicean Kealey won an auction for the Finished "Red Rose" design in March. She was facing some family problems. Although the payment from her side could not materialize, Oriental Stitch sent her the design. On 4 August she contacts Oriental Stitch again and this is what she has to say. 

"Shehla, This is Ally in Vancouver, WA USA. I owe you $21.00. I have the Money Order, but have lost your address. Would you please send it to me. I feel really bad about this, as you were so nice to me, when our family was having a horrible time in our lives. My husband is doing fine right now. It is a day to day thing. I do not know how long he will be this good. Thanks again and I'm sorry about this."

xxxx NE 114 St
Aliceann Kealey
Vancouver WA

Jennifer Davis Ordered "The Lamp" on 10 July, 2000. She received the design on 25 July, 2000. We presume she liked it because she instantly ordered for two more finished designs (Summer Time and Landscape), and this is what she had to say:-

" Received my other piece and loved it. Thanks."

After receiving the other two designs on 8 August, she remarked:-

" I have bought 3 of your finished designs and love them all. Does your company do custom work for others. What I mean is, if I had a kit, is there someone who would complete it for me? If not is there any individuals that you know who would do this? The cloth these pieces are on is fabulous. Thanks so much."

SHELBY, NC 28152

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For additional information / queries / orders:-
Call Now: (92)-42-7221335
Or Fax: 1-603-843-4683
2/92 Qasim Street Islampura, Lahore, Pakistan

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